The Bark of The Town

My boyfriend & I brought our puppy Frog to them for her shots and we absolutely loved it! The staff is super friendly to us and our baby. When we went back to see the vet, her and the nurse were super sweet and gentle with Frog. We also love how they explained to us what they were doing before they done it. They also made sure that our baby was super comfortable and at ease before they did anything. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone that ask me about it! Thank y’all for being ever so kind to our little Frog!


The staff here is by far the best we have seen on the northshore! When are lab puppy broke his leg….which we were told by our previous vet he would have to live his life in a kennel and be deformed after he healed, we decided to seek out new vets, we found this clinic and we love them so much. They have a rehab facility and great staff that are so friendly and helpful we love both of the vets! I would recommend this place over all! Love these guys! They also have very reasonable prices!


Thank you Animal Health Clinic for making Murphy’s first visit with a vet less scary for him and me! The staff was so kind and caring from the time we walked in until I picked him up in the afternoon. He was super freaked when we came in and by the time he left, he was part of the family.